Whitney Anderson Photography is back…. in Rhinelander, Wisconsin!

photo by: Electric Lime Photography

Hello, hello it’s me, Whitney! I’m back!!!! Let me fill you in on my journey the last two years. I got married in 2015, moved to Washington in the Fall of 2015, found out we were pregnant 2016, had our baby girl in October 2016 and moved back to Wisconsin in May 2017. Whoa!  That’s a lot!

Why did we move to Washington in the first place?
We lived in a small town on the border of Washington and Idaho called Garfield.  My husband attended the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. Which is why we moved out west. We enjoyed our adventure out there while it lasted but very much looked forward to getting back to the good ol’ Midwest. Last May he completed his Master’s degree and we packed up and moved back to Wisconsin. We landed in  Rhinelander.  GO HODAGS!

Did you continue photographing weddings during the last two years?
I had a handful of weddings booked in Minnesota the first year out west.  But I also had a full-time day job at the local counselor center. I loved jet-setting to Minnesota once a month.  It fulfilled my adventurous spirit. I was even able to shoot a wedding in northern Idaho and shoot an engagement session in Washington.  If you’ve never been out west you definitely should check it out.  You Washingtonians and Idahoans don’t forget that I travel!!!
After my daughter was born I took an extended maternity leave (wink, wink) from shooting weddings and did the mommy thing. Now that we are back in Wisconsin and I’m a stay at home Mom I’m ready to get back into the wedding industry!

What are we going to see differently in season 2018?
A few things I’m really excited about and you should be too.  My turnaround time for my couples to get their images back will be 1-2 weeks. Did your eyes just get big? They should because that is just in time for you to get back from your honeymoon and to relive your wedding day through beautiful imagery. Another thing will be sneak peeks!  I want you to be sitting in the airport ready to depart for your honeymoon and to receive an email from me including a few of your wedding day sneak peeks. Amazing, right? And lastly, posing! I don’t think I struggled with this now but I did get a little bored over the last 5 years of the same posing.  So with that, I want to be more casual and give even more direction in my posing. I’m assuming you haven’t ever modeled or maybe you haven’t gotten your photo taken since your senior photos.  Perfect! You are my perfect client!

What else will we see from Whitney Anderson?
I’m planning a new client welcome packets, something eye appealing as well as a deliciously pleasing treat! I’m super excited to love on all my 2018 clients and give them the special treatment.

So with all of that said, I am back in the Midwest and ready to service all of Minnesota and Wisconsin couples.

If you are following my journey I would love to hear from you. What is your story? Struggles through business and life?

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