Trigger happy

minneapolis minnesota wedding photographyWhen I say trigger happy I mean – “do I publish this or don’t I?”  I constantly have the battle with my mind on whether or not to talk about topics on my blog. **internal scream**.  Sometimes I can be literally on a roll with writing and then other days it’s like, “Hello, do you even know how to speak?” Because when I can write I seriously love it and the words just flow. It’s a beautiful thing.

I will tell you that I am almost 85% positive (not medically proven) that I have dyslexia. Raise your hand if you have  read something of mine where the letters are all flip flopped. (everyone raised their hands)  It happens almost daily.  For instance, I remember the other day I posted about these gorgeous wedding flowers.  I posted, “Amazing table scrape …”  Whoops!  Later I read it and busted out laughing.  My mind is just working a 1000x a minute. I know what I want to type or write but I literally see it normal. It’s actually sort of mind freakishly weird.  Especially when I make a spelling error that is simple, easy and a no brainer for a large corporate company (not saying I did that. nope that me. ;–).  How do you explain that one? Lol.

So I apologize to all ya’ll that have received and read my amazing grammar :–)  I definitely mean well.  To make light of the situation let me share with you some of my fav jokes. (I am already laughing before I even type them out hahaha).

Dyslexics of the world, unite!
Ten out of two people have numerical dyslexia.
If life gives you melons then you’re probably dyslexic.

And that’s a wrap folks. I’m out!

  • Lynnae 'Dean' Whitfield

    I love that! Melons!!!

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