Should you see your honey before the Ceremony?

The one question I ask all my couples and potential couples when planning their wedding day timeline is, “Will you be seeing each other prior to the wedding?” The answers they give me are equally split.  Some know for sure they will be seeing each other.  Others are certain they will stick with tradition and not see each other.  While the rest are very uncertain what they will do.  Well let’s talk this through and shed some light on answering this question.  What option seems best for you.
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First let’s talk about “tradition”.  Once upon a time there was a time where you just did not think about seeing each other before the wedding.  The thought didn’t even cross their mind.  I remember my brother got married in 2002 and that was the first time I had ever heard of the bride and groom seeing each other prior to the wedding.  Slowly the movement of seeing each other spread and now more then half of my weddings see each other prior to the wedding.  There are beautiful moments either which way you choose.  It’s just deciding which is best for you and your honey.

The benefits of seeing your honey before the ceremony is simple.  You get to have those first moments together.  You get to have that moment where you look at each other and say, “Holy Moly, we are getting married! I love you!”  With my couples, I like to set up a private moment where you see each other for the first time.  Even though we are still photographing you, we try out test to give you that private time together without the cameras clicking ;–)  And of course the other benefits of seeing your honey prior to the ceremony is photos.  All photos can be done before the ceremony that way the rest of the evening is yours to celebrate.  Of course I encourage my couples to break away before or after their first dance for a few sunset shots.

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Now, the benefits of not seeing each other before the ceremony.  Obviously, there are huge pluses of having those doors open and bam there is your husband- to-be at the end of the aisle. *love sigh* That is a magical moment!  Tradition is always a cool thing. And of course the waterworks will flow at this moment. haha.  Now, not to turn debbie downer, but this is something to consider. When you get down to your honey there is realistically only a small window of time where you can  smile at each other and try to read others mind.  Does he love my dress?  Does she think I look ok? Man I love him!  I sure do love her!  Yeah, there are  a million things you want to say to each right then and there.  So it’s up to you as a couple to decide where tradition beats out emotions or if you want to have that chat with your honey before the prior to.  With the photography piece of not seeing each other prior to isn’t impossible but you will want to consider that you have to take about 2 hrs after the ceremony to finish up the rest of the photos.

*Sigh*  Deep breath. Lots to think about but I hope this helped. Happy Wedding Planning!!!!



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