Minnesota & Kentucky Wedding Photography | Hair tutorial

I decided to tried to setting pin curls this morning.  So I wanted to share with you the steps I took to achieve this look.  I would say that the shorter your hair the bigger the hair. FOR SURE.  So I’m super excited for my hair to grow out because this will be perfect!!!

I started out with damp hair and sectioned off.  Each section was blow dried with a roll brush.  Rolled into a curl and pinned.  You do that with your entire head.

Hair TutorialHair TutorialAfter the curls set I took all the pins out and ran my fingers through it.  As you can see my hair got super short and curly.  :–O Scary! That was pretty much it. No hair product!  The longer the hair I would suggest a root lifter ;–) I ran a curling iron through just the bottom layer to let it hang more too.Hair TutorialHair Tutorial Hair TutorialHair TutorialHair Tutorial



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