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I was told once that I have many facial expressions. (hmmmm?) At first I was a little crushed by it. Questions were running through my mind. Do I look like a nut job? Do they think I’m annoying?  Or maybe I am a bit over the top?! haha!  I pondered over this for a few weeks. I decided that I just don’t care. I am going to be me!  I am going to embrace my quirky features of facial expression.  Can I get an Amen! haha. I like to feel, be goofy, laugh, have fun and experience life.  Therefore I shall be expressive!    If you ever meet me in person, beware of the many faces of Whitney Furst! 😀

  • You are so adorable Whit!! Would love to see that face!

  • Ahhh! Whitney! I LOVE this!!!!! And you know what? You’re so not along because I have been told the exact same thing!!! Cheers to owning especially expressive faces 🙂

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