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Sometimes I pretend I’m going into the office to make me feel more productive and I get completely ready for the day every morning.  No pajamas here, folks.  Ok, maybe somedays I do!  But somedays call for red lip stick.  It’s amazing what it does to your productivity, haha. Tricking the mind. I’ll even throw on a pair of tennis shoes when I’m home.  I feel when I get to comfortable then I tend to relax more and lose that productive spirit.  So cheers to putting on your boots!

So in being productive, I have also taken on another hat.  Editing.  That’s right, a part from my own editing for my own photography business I edit for other photographers. And dare I say, I LOVE IT!!!!  I love seeing other photographers creative perspective, new weddings, and even babies and seniors. And I love that the photographers are just tickled that having that off their plate brings them much relief. It’s been fun thus far and I thank all the photographers have have used services!  I am truly greatful.  I hope I have made your life more productive and less stressed.

If you are a photographer looking for editing services please contact me at info@whitneyfurst.com . I make it super easy to send  images.  Turn around time is between 4-5days and I’ll give you a date of when you will receive your images back.  Here are a few examples of edits.  But we can certainly work together to create your editing style.  I’m happy  to take 4 images free to see if we would be a good fit.

Be productive!!!!!

Second: COOL
Third: WARM

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