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If you know me at all or follow me on instagram you know that my little boston terrier is my baby.  Juice is my pride and joy…to say the least.  I remember the day I brought that little squirt home (yep, talking just like a new Mom!).  Potty trained on the first day. Shocking, right?  He continues to amaze and entertain me daily. Juice and I have had quiet the adventures over the last 4.5 years together and he will always be my little buddy.  My little side kick.

Today we took a little break outside despite the 98 degree Minnesota weather.  Juice will play whenever, where ever, no matter what.  Just as long as you throw the stick or ball he’s go time – all the time.  But I will say, that when I am working during the day he is a sack of potatoes and lounges all day.  And ya’ll have see him napping on instagram.  So when I say let’s go play, Juice jumps!

Might I add, I read about mothers getting photos of their children and how they will never sit still. BAH!  Come over and photograph Juice and then let’s talk hahaha.  This was the best selfie I could get of him and I.


  • sheri hoskins

    his pics always make me smile

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