Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer | Laura, Todor & Bianca

I have been working with Laura for 2 years second shooting and Associate shooting for her.  What a blast we have together! No, seriously, we have a blast!!! From windshield wipers breaking at midnight and having a police officer help us to traveling the east coast snapping photos on the beach, we are always laughing along the way. Oh wait, how could I forget….Diary Queen blizzards!!!!! It was no different while shooting Laura’s adorable little family. Fun!

  • I really love these Whitney!! You did an amazing job and we are so happy with the photos!!! And, oh yeaaaaahhh! We’ve had some great times! 🙂 Who has their windshield wipers break during a downpour?!?

  • Thank you and your very welcome!!!! Ahhh, what adventures will next year bring!!! I can hardly wait!!!!

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