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Is it time for you to go bridal gowns shopping?  Might I recommend a&be’ Bridal Shop.  Not only are the ladies of this shop super sweet, the place is absolutely beautiful.  Make sure you put this shop on your list.  You will not be disappointed.
a & bea & be

Tell us a little bit about you and your business.
a&bé bridal shop is a bridal boutique created to bring brides the coolest wedding dressses from both indie and traditional designers. a&bé bridal shop is brand new to minneapolis (we opened in august) but has an established history in the bridal industry. First and foremost, a&bé supports the up&coming, & the indie, & the creative bridal designers and connects them to brides. Secondly, a&bé gives brides access to something different: we have a little bit of the bohemian, & the casual, & the vintage, & the separates, & the alternative & the romantic.

a & bea & be

How did you begin your journey towards a&be’?
a&bé bridal shop is a new boutique created to support the creative surge happening in weddings across the nation. a&bé is an easy, no-fuss experience for brides who want a more laid back approach to their wedding dress shopping.  

What is your favorite thing about being in your line of business?
There are so many things that I love about this business, but it probably comes down to the people. I get to work with the most awesome people every day. And these people include our brides, our designers, and our team. 

a & bea & be

How early should clients purchase their dress?
Generally, at least 7-9 months in advance! The gowns can range in the length of production time and then clients should factor in additional time for alterations. Plus, so many decisions hinge on the gown choice so until the dress is selected many other decisions are put on hold. 

What is one thing you don’t forget to tell your clients?
Thank you! We truly appreciate every single one of our brides! We feel really honored to be invited to be a part of their wedding experience. 

a & bea & bea & be

What are some of the great designers that you carry?
I love all of our designers and what’s cool is that we are bringing so many of them to Minnesota for the first time! These include: Truvelle, Anna Campbell, Sarah Seven, Katie May, Claire La Faye, Elizabeth Dye, and Rue De Seine! a & be

What makes A&be stand out?
It’s our combination of designers, the aesthetic of our space, and our fun, friendly experience! 

If you could fit someone famous for a dress, who would that be?
Zooey Deschanel! I love her quirky style!
a & bea & bea & bea & bea & bea & bea & bea & bea & be

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