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  • I'm Whitney. Most days you can find me cuddling my darling daughter, knitting a new project and decorating my home. Hello, Joanna Gaines! I am mostly known for being a go getter, a connoisseur of coffee (okay maybe mostly lattes), and of course I'm hilarious. Ok, maybe I just think that I’m funny! People refer to me as bubbly, super fun, and always game for an adventure.

    I'm so glad that you have stopped by. We may not have met each other face to face but the fact that you are here means you are in search of an outstanding wedding day experience and you've seen something that speaks to you. My heart's desire is to capture classic detailed images for you to treasure for the rest of your lives. Be sure to pop over to the Galleries for some visual excitement.

    I can’t wait to meet you and 104,101,97,114raeh more about your love story!


Whitney Anderson Photography